6 Strategies Successful Entrepreneurs Do Differently


6 Strategies Successful Entrepreneurs Do Differently

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Sophia Amoruso, Bill Gates, SundarPichai… it’s clear these ultra-talented CEO’s have all found the secret of success in business and they didn’t just luck their way to the top. They followed a lifestyle strategy that helped them get there. And, whether you’re a solopreneur working on building an empire all by yourself or a small business owner managing a small group of employees, you might want to grab a notepad and pen and copy what these hard-working career people did and still do to succeed.

1. They Get Up Early

Sleeping in is nice, but if you’re working at creating a successful business, then you need to set an alarm and hit the ground running. Do you think Steve Easterbrook, CEO of McDonald’s, sleeps in till’ noon and then binge-watches Netflix until it’s time to go to bed? Nope. He goes to bed early, wakes up at the crack of dawn, fixes himself a healthy breakfast (or maybe an Egg McMuffin®. Who can say?), and hits the ground running, implementing strategies to increase sales for his global empire. Of course, you don’t have to do this 7 days a week, but it’s good to get in the habit of creating a healthy morning routine to set yourself up for a day of success.

2. They Set Goals And Stick With Them

Setting measurable goals is a simple way successful people make more money in business and succeed as entrepreneurs. When goal-setting for your company, try not to be vague and instead, be extremely specific. Earning more profits, being more innovative, and making meetings more productive are common goals for entrepreneurs, but you need to make these more fine-tuned. So, what is a good business goal example? Here’s one: “my goal is to increase sales month-to-month by 20%”. Of course, you’ll need to sit down and create your own based on what makes sense to your company, so do your research.

3. They Take Time To Rest

Yes, even Steve Jobs took time to relax and put work aside. He loved calligraphy, travel, and of course, he was obsessed with technology. Work shouldn’t be your entire life, and sometimes to do better work, you need to step away from it. No matter what hobbies you’re into, remember to put the laptop away, and make time for what you love to do.

4. They Step Out Of Their Comfort Zone

Are you afraid to go to networking events? Does social media scare you? Do you keep putting off that seminar you’ve been meaning to attend? Then all the more reason to do it! Aside from hard work, persistence, and a positive attitude, successful people do things that scare them every day. Stepping out of their comfort zone is one of the major reasons they are where they are. Start small and then go big. You efforts will pay off!

5. They Love Where They Live

If you’re not doing what you love in a city you love, then it’ll be more of a challenge for you to climb the ladder. People like dealing with businesses who are proud of where they live and support their community. If you’re hating on your town, then you should take your business elsewhere (we mean that in the nicest way). Trust us, your business will benefit from the change in surroundings.

6. They Work In A Great Environment

When developing a successful business platform, you need to be working in an environment that makes sense. As a solopreneur, that likely means a quiet office space that’s bright and has the amenities you need like a space to hold meetings, a kitchen, and 24/7 building access.

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