Why Should You Choose The Downtown Business Center In Kelowna?


Why Should You Choose DBC's Office Rentals in Kelowna?

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Kelowna For Your Lifestyle, The DBC For Your Business. Chances are you already know that. The beautiful suburbs, the great outdoors and a community spirit that’s really come to light especially over May and June 2017 when the floods hit Lake Okanagan hard and everyone pulled together as water levels started rising and flooding affected Kelowna homes. But it also has a vibrant downtown that provides the perfect setting to set up your hub if you’re running a small business. And the perfect place to do it is the Downtown Business Center.

Downtown Kelowna is buzzing with nightlife and commercial and cultural activity. No matter where you go you’re a stone’s throw away from great restaurants who are choosing Kelowna as residents are hungry, literally, for what they have to offer. As well as eateries, independent retailers are setting up or expanding their businesses here, markets are taking over the weekends and Canada Day festivities are in full swing.

What’s more the theatre scene is really coming into its own, so your nights could be filled with witnessing great classics like Billy Elliot to more niche art forms. Because they’re all piling into the downtown area in droves.

Along with this rush into the city’s heart, it’s hardly surprising that more and more small businesses are choosing downtown Kelowna. This makes it a competitive place to be with several options for those searching for a hub in the area.

    Choosing the Downtown Business Center is however a smart choice for these reasons:
  • The Downtown Business centre offer a long-term lease with a 60-day notice period. This gives you some security, with a commitment from the center as well as getting your buy-in for the medium term.
  • Nearby amenities such as restaurants make catering accessible – an important consideration for many of the business owners the center cater for.
  • The central location makes getting there not only easy for you but for your clients as well, something they’ll appreciate. Car drivers will also be able to find parking right outside.
  • Users of the center get full use of all services including private office rental, Wi-Fi, kitchen facilities and hardware such as printing and faxing.
  • There is 24 hour access, seven days a week - important for the unpredictability of small businesses.

The center provides the perfect solution for a business wanting the convenience and upbeat vibe of the downtown area. With multiple offices within the center, office renters could use the opportunity to network and meet people to go out and explore with while talking shop. Or better yet, to leave work behind before returning to the Business Center the next day fully revitalised, inspired and ready for action. Contact us for more information

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