Why Your Kelowna Start-Up Really Needs an Office Space


Why Your Kelowna Start-Up Really Needs an Office Space

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Working patterns just aren't the same anymore. Long gone are the days when you are expected to clock-in at 9 and be prepared to leave at 5 on the hour.

There's wi-fi in every nook of any major city and who doesn't love the idea of working while you sip on a latte.

We have Skype, we have group communication tools and we have project management software so we can all work remotely and enjoy a little more 'life' in our 'work/life' balance.


Well, here's putting it to you that if you're embarking on a new venture - a start-up - here's what an office space can offer you.

  • Stature
  • Yes, things are moving on. Virtual offices are on the rise and perfectly acceptable.

However, there's a reason why the Google office, Facebook HQ or the looming tower of the New York Times have such notoriety. Iconic workspaces bring with them brand identity and an essence of credibility. As such they attract the best of the best, when it comes to talent and provide tangibility to your business.

That's not saying you need to invest in Canada's equivalent to Trump Towers, but building a home for your business can be a crucial part of building your brand and laying the foundations for what you want it to become.

  • A Cohesive Team
  • It's somewhat a trade-off. The flexibility of working from where you want (sometimes when you want) with working with the colleagues that make up the team.

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Team-building and team-bonding can be a major component to a business's success. Having a physical environment you share means you can bounce off your ideas, support each other and learn from each other as well.

And with all the time we do spend at work these days, the workspace can be the best place to socialize and find like-minded people to spend our time with. It can help complete that work/life balance mix.

  • You know who's shown up
  • Well it is true that with a number of new business applications out there, you can usually make sure that your virtual employees put in their dues. However, there's no replacement for actually having a hard-line on literally 'showing up'. That gives you more control over the work your team are producing.

It's not to suggest you use it as an opportunity to micro-manage your team but it does give you more freedom to input into where the priorities should lie or to pull someone into a meeting and get things straightened out right away.

It also means people are working to the same timelines. Let's admit it, it's pretty frustrating when you pose a question at 8am in the morning, only to get the answer at 11pm later that day because people are working flexibly. An office space puts you on the same page and in the same timeframe.

  • Investors love it
  • If you're looking into expanding operations and harnessing investment, an office space is almost crucial.

It's the tangible entity that will help persuade investors to part with their cash and to prove that you're able to expand.

  • It brings diversity and new ideas to your business
  • Being in an office exposes you to different people who all have different skills, experience, backgrounds and points of view.

Opening yourself up to all of this enhances your own arsenal of skills and knowledge base. That's incredibly important for any business that wants to appeal to as wide a net as possible.

So, there's more than one reason to consider getting office space for your start-up. If you want to explore the idea more you can visit Downtown Business Center, which offers a wide variety of options for start-ups and more established businesses. Get in contact to see how we can help you out.