How to Attract New Clients to your Growing Business


How to Attract New Clients to your Growing Business

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If you work from home, you may have set up a home office, whether that be, in a separate room, an attached in-lawsuit, basement or a garage converted. Admittedly, there are many advantages to working from home. You save time on a commute to work. You save money on rental fees. You can get casual and comfortable, which may well be a state of mind that helps you focus on your work. It is also now easier than ever to work from home as there is an abundance of technology available to facilitate virtual team-working as well.

However, if you're in the business of working with clients then getting out of your home office definitely will help you attract more business, along with many other advantages.

Why get out of the basement?

There are plenty of advantages to getting a space outside of your home to work. You'll be away from potential distractions such as kids, pets, the TV or the ironing. Carving out a space for work will also help you attain a better work-life balance.

There's nothing quite like having a physical team that you can work with, bounce ideas off and also connect with others. Being face-to-face may help to build rapport with each other and in some ways can make things more effic ient when you only need to call over your shoulder to clarify something, set a task or ask a question.

There is also the fact that having a physical office space presents an air of legitimacy. Having this space will allow clients to feel reassured if they're asked to come and meet you at your offices. They can see for themselves that you're a professional business outfit. That alone is well worth having office space outside your home.

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