BBB, OMG, DBC = 3 Businesses, 1 Awesome Networking Mixer


There’s something special about a group of businesses joining forces to create a local networking event in Kelowna that brings like-minded professionals together. That’s what the BBB (Better Business Bureau), Okanagan Media Group, and the Downtown Business Association did on September 14th. Judging by the event’s amazing success, it seems like the business mixer might just be something to schedule into your calendar on a regular basis.

Professionals mingled together over wine, beer, and some seriously delicious appys (crostini, greek chicken skewers, pakoras, etc… so good!) and talked about their respective careers. There were people from countless different areas like the automobile industry, finance, marketing, design, and so much more. If you’re looking to build your career, then this event is one that can certainly help you climb your own personal career ladder.

At one point, everyone was given the opportunity to introduce themselves and state what they did for a living. Have a hard time introducing yourself one-on-one at networking events? This type of introduction was a great way to “break the ice” and put yourself out there to a whole group instead; business people could get to know who you are as a whole and if they had an interest in your service, they could catch up with you later.

What followed was a presentation put on by Okanagan Media Group’sco-founder*, Dwayne talking all about “Google My Business” which is an incredibly useful, free SEO tool to help businesses get their names out there and, of course, grow their customer base.

In Kelowna, there are plenty of networking events to choose from, but somehow, this one felt a little more professional, but not at all stuffy. It was casual, fun, while still maintaining a professional vibe that allowed you to get to know the other business people in the community.

The next time the BBB comes to town to host a business mixer with the DBC and OMG, make sure to sign up. Especially if you want to continue your career success in Kelowna!

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